Trina is definitely an United states rap artist whom initially achieved acceptance when this bimbo showed up on tip Daddya€™s 2nd workplace album regarding the unmarried a€?Nann Ni**aa€?. Over the years, Trina keeps circulated five work albums.

Trina is definitely an United states rap artist whom initially achieved acceptance when this bimbo showed up on tip Daddya€™s 2nd workplace album regarding the unmarried a€?Nann Ni**aa€?. Over the years, Trina keeps circulated five work albums.

By 2021, Trinaa€™s internet worth are $6 million.

11. Cardi B

Web Benefit: $8 Million

Cardi B is an United states rap artist, singer and television personality. She actually is born and raised from inside the Bronx, New York City and she first lured consideration for speaking about this model career as a stripper on social networking. Cardi B started to be a huge online movie star, and today is probably the perfect woman rap artist in the world.

Cardi Ba€™s net benefit try about $8 million, creating this model the 11th wealthiest female artist on show.

10. MC Lyte

Internet Worthy Of: $8 Million

MC Lyte is an United states rap artist just who initially garnered fame inside the later 1980s, coming to be the initial alone female rap artist to produce a full record with 1988a€™s vitally celebrated a€?Lyte as a Rocka€™. MC Lyte is regarded as being almost certainly hip hopa€™s leader feminists.

By 2021, MC Lytea€™s internet benefit try thought for approximately $8 million.

9. Day

Total Really Worth: ten dollars Million

Eve are an United states artist, actor and songwriter from Pennsylvania. She’s the victorious one from the Grammy honor for the best Rap/Sung combination in 2002. Eve may 9th richest woman artist in the world.

Evea€™s total benefit is approximately $10 million.

8. Disk Jockey Spinderella

Net Value: ten dollars Million

DJ Spinderella are an US DJ, rap artist and celebrity. She’s most commonly known as a member on the hip-hop crowd Salt-H-Pepa. She starred in a€?The Salt-H-Pepa Showa€™, possible sets focusing on the rap class.

From 2021, DJ Spinderellaa€™s total worth was approximate being roughly $10 million, generating the lady the eighth richest feminine rap artist the record.

7. M.I.A.

Internet Well Worth: $14 Million

Mathangi Arulpragasam more well known by the girl stage name M.I.A. is definitely a french rapper, artist, songwriter, and activist. This model period name’s a wordplay on her identity including a reference with the acronym for a€?missing in actiona€?. She brings together the woman music with party, hip-hop, and world today tunes.

M.I.A.a€™s internet really worth try $14 million money.

6. Cheryl James

Web Benefit: 14 Million

Cheryl James try an United states songwriter and rap artist that well known to be an affiliate associated with the rap trio Salt-H-Pepa which also features Sandra Denton and Spinderella. James could be the sixth richest female rapper in the field.

As of 2021, Cheryl James net worth is roughly 14 million.

5. Sandra Denton

Internet Value: $15 Million

Sandra Denton is definitely a Jamaican-American artist and actor best known for her act as an affiliate with the female rap music travel Salt-n-Pepa. She’s among Cheryl James and Spinderella was the star in their own personal fact show a€?The Salt-N-Pepaa€™ program.

Sandra Dentona€™s internet benefit is forecasted become around fifteen dollars million, generating her the fifth richest female rap artist from the listing.

4. Lila€™ Kim

Internet Really Worth: $18 Million

Lila€™ Kim try a North american artist, track record creator, product, and songwriter. Inside her adolescents, Jones would freestyle rap, and she would be highly affected by other female hip-hop writers and singers MC Lyte while the female of Rage. Right now, Lila€™ Kim is regarded as being one of the greatest woman artist.

As of 2021, Lila€™ Kima€™s total benefit happens to be $18 million.

3. Missy Elliott

Internet Worthy Of: fifty dollars Million

Missy Elliot is an US artist, dancer, record vendor, and songwriter. Elliott may be the third wealthiest feminine rap artist globally and she gets worked with the right of the greatest painters in this field.

Missy Elliota€™s web value happens to be calculated is roughly $50 million, producing this model another wealthiest feminine rap artist worldwide.

2. King Latifah

Internet Worth: $60 Million

King Latifah twoo reviews is actually an United states rapper, singer, celebrity, brand, and songwriter who was originally from Newark, nj-new jersey. She introduced the girl introduction album in 1991 and also subsequently continued the king of hip-hop.

By 2021, princess Latifaha€™s total well worth are $60 million.

1. Nicki Minaj

Total Value: $75 Million

Nicki Minaj are an US rap artist, actor, unit, and songwriter. Minaj was born in Saint James, Port-of-Spain and raised in queen, New York City.

She gained exposure after launching the mixtapes a€?Playtime are Overa€™, a€?Sucka Freea€™ and a€?Beam myself Up, Scottya€™. Minaj worked with a bit of of the greatest hip hop artists in the field, and this woman is the wealthiest woman artist nowadays.

At the time of 2021, Nicki Minaja€™s total value are roughly $75 million, making this lady the wealthiest women rap artist on earth.


Herea€™s a recap from the finest 20 richest feminine hip hop artists globally: